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Here is a selection of what inspires us for our sales philosophy

Sales Performance Survey

Diagnose before you prescribe

Before you start a sales training or improvement project, it makes sense to analyse on which sales performance drivers to focus. We can help you with our ‘sales fishbone model’ to go beyond the symptoms and analyze critical root-causes of below-par sales performance. With our sales effectiveness assessment we assess the strategic importance and current performance of each of the 30 sales performance drivers in the following 6 categories:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Organization Structure
  • Sales People & Competencies
  • Sales Culture & Motivation
  • Sales Support

Sales leaders gain particular insight when they conduct assessments on a regular basis and track changes over time to measure the results of improvement efforts.

Sales Performance Scorecard

Prioritize improvement efforts

The Sales Force Performance Scorecard provides a snapshot of an organization’s performance and the strategic impact of the sales effectiveness drivers at a particular point in time.
Diagnosis of sales force issues leads to a long list of sales effectiveness drivers that are candidates for improvement. It works best to focus your improvement efforts on a small number of the most important ones first. That’s where the Sales Performance Scorecard depicted above comes in. It helps prioritizing initiatives based on two axis:

  • Current performance – how competent or capable is the sales team at this?
  • Strategic impact – how important is this driver for our organization’s ability to succeed?

We use interviews, questionnaires and workshop discussions to collaboratively assess current practices within the context of best practices.

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Check your Assumptions

Do you believe these Sales Myths?

Myth #1: “Selling is selling – a good salesperson can sell anything”
Myth #2: “To get more orders, make more calls”
Myth #3: “Always call high”
Myth #4: “Open questions are more powerful than closed questions”
Myth #5: “Close early and close often”
Myth #6: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”
Myth #7: “Salespeople are born, not made”
Myth #8: “Welcome objections – they’re a sure sign of buyer interest”
Myth #9: “Never attack the competition”
Myth #10: “Give the most attention to your biggest accounts”

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Sales Activator Game

Combine learning and best practice sharing with fun

Our Sales Activator coaching and development toolkit makes learning interactive and FUN! With 70 hours of bite-size coaching all very cleverly designed into a board game. This game is designed and proven to specifically build sales knowledge and skills to ultimately increase revenue.

Sales Activator Tookit Contents

  • 2 Board games: Consultative Selling + Sales process & activities
  • 126 Play Cards
    • Sales Knowledge Questions
    • Difficult Sales Situations
    • Sales Opportunities
  • 62 Sales Coaching Cards – ideal for teach back exercises!
  • 35 Sales Competencies


Productivity impact after training


Productivity impact of training & coaching (x4!)


of Sales Reps quit after 1 rejection

attempts needed to contact an executive

Leaders are readers


Sales Mythbusters

Sales Mythbusters

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Challenger Sale: Stop Selling, Start Teaching

Challenger Sale: Stop Selling, Start Teaching

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Discover your Sales Strengths

Discover your Sales Strengths

Even in today’s ‘digital era’, we believe that sales and customer engagement still is highly dependant on personal, human interaction. To make the highest impact in these interactions, it is key that sales teams use their personal Sales Strengths to the max. A good,...

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Sales Infographics

Inspiration (and fun) by video