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At Consal we have a passion for enabling people to perform the best they can. Helping people reach their goals is what fuels us.


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Maarten Borsboom (MSc)

Maarten (1966)  is an enthusiastic communicator and entrepreneur who believes that people can make the difference in business. As a true hands on, Training Consultant, Coach & Facilitator with excellent relationship and motivating skills he is driven to reach maximum performance. Pragmatism, positive confrontation with focus on people’s attitude, skills and behaviours. He develops their personal and commercial effectiveness driven by good account management, effective relationship management on the right levels and the ability to sell the firm cross-functional with a client focused approach.  

Robert Schenk (MSc)

Robert (1968) is an experienced consultant, coach and trainer, who combines people and process focus to facilitate change, learning and performance improvement. He has a broad knowledge of leadership, sales, teamwork and (lean/agile) process change techniques. Facilitates dynamic workshops, builds corporate academies or improvement project offices and coaches senior leaders and teams on the work floor. Cuts through the clutter and knows how to get to the core of the matter. Creates momentum with sharp questions, humour and interaction. Has worked with diverse sectors and communicates easily from shop floor till board room.

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